Got Water Rings?

You may have seen this unassuming can on the shelves of you local hardware store. I’ve even seen it randomly on the shelves of our TJ Maxx at a great price. I found it for the first time years ago in a booth at a furniture consignment store. I scooped it up to keep on hand. It does just what it says! Introducing… Restor-A-Finish. I am not even getting paid to share with you how awesome this product is! I’ve used it on a number of pieces in our home.

Restor-a-finish can

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I had a desk I was painting for a client. The top actually had laminate veneer on top and wood around the edge with wood pull out writing tables.We wanted to paint the base of the desk but leave the top the wood look but the edges were completely worn. The finish was gone and did not match the top. Look at the before and after! I don’t have close-ups of the edge of the desk top or of the top (this was done years ago) but the Restor-A-Finish “restored” it completely. It doesn’t require any poly to protect it but I did go ahead and add a coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax for added protection and to add back a more of the sheen


It came to mind to share this product with you this week because it came in handy once again. We are staying with family briefly while waiting for our home to be built. My mother in law and I have fun talking about redesigning her kitchen. They live in a home that was build in 1910 and while the home has been updated, no updates come without very careful consideration. One of the more recent discussions have been about cabinets. They are not quite ready to replace them or paint them but they did need some TLC. The finish was quite worn in areas. You can see the difference Restor-A-Finish made immediately. I snapped this picture right when I started to add the product. I knew it would look better but I was shocked at the difference. When I took this picture it was only applied in the bottom right hand part of the cabinet to show the difference. Much better!


Left side is finished, right side is Restor-A-Finished.


We added the product to the entire kitchen. Application for this job was easy, with a rag. I do recommend wearing a latex glove, like you would with stain. For deeper gouges you can apply carefully with a super fine steel wool pad. Wipe it on with the wood grain then wipe off excess and let it dry.

Once you start, it is hard to stop! After this I took it to her oak table and server to disguise some nicks and water rings. Works beautifully! Hope this suggestion helps add new life to some piece in your home!