Budget Foyer Makeover and Painted Buffet Reveal

It is Fall! Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie lovers unite!

I realize I am late to this party but I am just now getting to share my enthusiasm because we also FINALLY have internet. One complication I was not anticipating with a new construction was that there was no internet available yet! But now I am ready to roll and share some more pictures of our new place and latest budget projects!

I finally came to a decision that I have been putting off -to paint our buffet. It is now serving as a media console in our living room. I have gone back and forth for a year now about whether to re-stain it, paint it, or just clean it up with Restor-a-finish. We bought it from sweet friends before they went to the Philippines on mission as The Isaiah Project to provide clean water to those without. You can follow them on Facebook here.

After much toiling about whether going light or dark, I chose Annie Sloan’s graphite and finished it with a dark glaze. I love the blue undertone in the room and I that it gives it a stately feel. I feel like I have a new piece of furniture for the cost of paint and a few hours work! Now time to update those chairs!


Another one of the things I was happy to finish last week was Project: Welcoming Foyer. Our walls are all a neutral gray and we have a two story entry with oak stairs. Our foyer was just screaming for a table. It is narrow though so my normal Craigslist perusing wasn’t fitting the bill because the console tables I was finding were too deep and would block the walkway- which is kind of important! I had rustic style in mind and I had the fantastic idea to reach out to a talented friend of ours who happens to be a builder of all things barnwood and a handy man of all sorts. I was so thankful he was up to the task and he really caught my vision. If you are in Kentucky and are interested in utilizing his talents you can contact him on Facebook here!


I have rearranged and changed the decor on top 100 times already and should have hid that plug better for the pic but I love how it turned out! I chose to leave the wood unfinished because there are some fun paint remnants and markings that add the character I was hoping for so I just sanded the rough spots and left it as is.

The picture frame was a $.50 yard sale find! It was bright gold. I painted it ASCP Duck Egg Blue and finished with clear and dark wax.

The table definitely added a warm welcoming touch to the entry but I really wanted to add a punch of something different to the door. So I used the same graphite I used on the buffet to paint the door and left it a matte finish.


As much as I really wanted to do an egg blue or something fun I’m happy with the graphite and my husband is too… I think. He may have mentioned that I needed to find other people to do projects for before I go overboard. He recognizes my boredom and need for creative outlet. 😉




Making our House a Home: The Girls’ Room

We moved in a month ago and every room still feels like a work in progress but I am really happy how things are coming together. Especially in the girls room which may be my favorite!

My mother in law was offered an antique bedroom set at a deeply discounted price because it belonged to a friend and needed a lot of TLC. Here is a before of the beds in a garage full of boxes during move-in week.

Before... dirty and dingy, worn, cream color

Before… dirty and dingy, worn, cream color

It turned out stunning! I will share the other pieces in another post because the dresser ended up in our bedroom but the twin beds were cleaned up and painted for the girls room and they are perfect. They are painted in Valspar Painter’s White and Filtered Shade.


The room is painted Sherwin Williams Silver Strand. I love this subtle blue gray and how the other colors in the room really are complemented by it. I could have used this color all over the house and been happy with it.


The tee-pee is from Hobby Lobby. My mom and I loved surprising the girls with this when they saw their new room for the first time. The polka dots are so cute paired with the pom poms on the curtains and minky on their quilts.

20150904_092601_LLS 20150904_092535_LLS

I love spending time in here with them. I am thankful for the walk in closet with cubbies and bins that make it easier to put toys away.


They love to play house or super spies in the tee-pee or restaurant at the table that I found at a consignment store and painted Provence Blue.

My goal was a fun room that feels like their special place filled with colors they love. It isn’t too overdone so it can easily grow with them. I look forward to adding art and pictures and there has been discussion of a willow tree painted in the opposite corner to shade the tee-pee. That would be a fun one for a future tutorial!

Some extra details on the room for those curious…

  • Sheets: Frozen (of course!) from Target
  • Quilts: custom ordered from a wonderful Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DoodleBearDesigns
  • Curtains: Sewn by me with pink pom pom fabric from Hancock Fabrics and white twill from Hobby Lobby
  • Wall paint: Sherwin Williams Silver Strand
  • Bed Color: Valspar Signature in Filtered Shade and Painter’s White in satin



Got Water Rings?

You may have seen this unassuming can on the shelves of you local hardware store. I’ve even seen it randomly on the shelves of our TJ Maxx at a great price. I found it for the first time years ago in a booth at a furniture consignment store. I scooped it up to keep on hand. It does just what it says! Introducing… Restor-A-Finish. I am not even getting paid to share with you how awesome this product is! I’ve used it on a number of pieces in our home.

Restor-a-finish can

Click the picture to visit my Amazon shop to see the different finishes.

I had a desk I was painting for a client. The top actually had laminate veneer on top and wood around the edge with wood pull out writing tables.We wanted to paint the base of the desk but leave the top the wood look but the edges were completely worn. The finish was gone and did not match the top. Look at the before and after! I don’t have close-ups of the edge of the desk top or of the top (this was done years ago) but the Restor-A-Finish “restored” it completely. It doesn’t require any poly to protect it but I did go ahead and add a coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax for added protection and to add back a more of the sheen


It came to mind to share this product with you this week because it came in handy once again. We are staying with family briefly while waiting for our home to be built. My mother in law and I have fun talking about redesigning her kitchen. They live in a home that was build in 1910 and while the home has been updated, no updates come without very careful consideration. One of the more recent discussions have been about cabinets. They are not quite ready to replace them or paint them but they did need some TLC. The finish was quite worn in areas. You can see the difference Restor-A-Finish made immediately. I snapped this picture right when I started to add the product. I knew it would look better but I was shocked at the difference. When I took this picture it was only applied in the bottom right hand part of the cabinet to show the difference. Much better!


Left side is finished, right side is Restor-A-Finished.


We added the product to the entire kitchen. Application for this job was easy, with a rag. I do recommend wearing a latex glove, like you would with stain. For deeper gouges you can apply carefully with a super fine steel wool pad. Wipe it on with the wood grain then wipe off excess and let it dry.

Once you start, it is hard to stop! After this I took it to her oak table and server to disguise some nicks and water rings. Works beautifully! Hope this suggestion helps add new life to some piece in your home!



Antique Bed Makeover

This weekend we had beautiful weather. A bit less warm than a typical Kentucky summer day in June. I was thankful to have a couple of jobs lined up. One was a painted and glazed bathroom vanity that I will share in a future post and the second was this beautiful antique bed.

20150628_132430  20150628_132441

The breeze was so nice on the front porch! I was so thankful that the kids took a great nap too. I was able to get the bed finished within a day. I strayed from my favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this project and used Americana Decor’s Chalky Finish paint in Yesteryear which is a gray with a bit of blue and beige undertone.



I painted the accents and inlays white. I had a quart of Silver Feather by Valspar on hand so that is what used. The detail in the wood went a bit unnoticed with the dark stain finish. The wood work is quite stunning. I painted around the manufacturer’s mark.


It says Memphis Furniture Manufacturing Co. and “The pyramid line stands the test of time”. There wasn’t any other marking on the bed. I’m thinking it may have been built in the 1920’s or 30’s? If anyone has an idea, let me know!

This bed is truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It is hard to come by these today. I felt to honored to be able to give it new life.

The room it belongs in is pale yellow. The bedding is white, pale blue and yellow.





I think it turned out beautifully. I hope its owner does too!