A Couple of Easy DIY Projects: Featuring a Dollar Tree Spring Centerpiece

Furniture and building projects have been put on hold as they usually are this time of year but I have had fun the last several weeks completing some small budget DIY projects.

I have been on the hunt for a couple of months for the perfect baskets to hang on the wall for hanging produce. Our counters seem to get cluttered and one way to limit that was to move produce that normally sits in baskets or bowls. My vision was for farmhouse style wire baskets but I wasn’t finding the perfect pair that wouldn’t scratch the wall or be too heavy to hang. Last week my sister and I came across a pair at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect! I bought two little chalkboards to label them for extra cute factor and submitted to my husband for approval and proper hanging. They fill this little space well and are so handy. And they are out of reach of little toddler hands so they don’t eat me out of house and home without permission. Now if you can help me think of a way to get the fish tank off of the kitchen counter, I’d be very grateful! ūüôā


After taking down the Christmas decor I always have a moment of “ahhh, that’s better” that turns into, “now the house feels bare!”. I love the coziness and warm texture that¬†winter¬†decor brings but I also don’t love clutter or the look of over-decorating. However, once it is all put away I’m immediately ready for some new spring decor.

I came across this cute little spring decoration at Target last week. I really love Forsythia. It is an early bloomer and anticipator of spring (like me!) and always, to me, the first sign that spring has arrived. I was ready to have some of that in my house! I wasn’t, however, ready to hand over $20 for a pretty item that I knew I could make at home for a few dollars.

I picked up this smaller grapevine wreath and a forsythia stem at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

dollar tree grapevine wreath

I already had a hurricane vase and a candle for the center. If you don’t, Dollar Tree has a few styles of vases and candles that would also work. Or you could pick up a hurricane vase at a number of different stores for $5=$10. Total you could make a nearly identical centerpiece for $4!

I didn’t have to even get out my hot glue gun for this project because I was able to just weave the stems into the wreath and they are staying in place just fine!



I was so happy to have a bit of new color in the house! This could be easily changed for the seasons, add in a cotton stem in the fall or winter. Or you could hang it when you get tired of it sitting on a surface. Hang on a door, over a mirror or in a hallway. It really doesn’t look like a cheap decoration (even though it was!).

If you try either of these ideas, please share!






Budget Foyer Makeover and Painted Buffet Reveal

It is Fall! Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie lovers unite!

I realize I am late to this party but I am just now getting to share my enthusiasm because we also FINALLY have internet. One complication I was not anticipating with a new construction was that there was no internet available yet! But now I am ready to roll and share some more pictures of our new place and latest budget projects!

I finally came to a decision that I have been putting off -to paint our buffet. It is now serving as a media console in our living room. I have gone back and forth for a year now about whether to re-stain it, paint it, or just clean it up with Restor-a-finish. We bought it from sweet friends before they went to the Philippines on mission as The Isaiah Project to provide clean water to those without. You can follow them on Facebook here.

After much toiling about whether going light or dark, I chose Annie Sloan’s graphite and finished it with a dark glaze. I love the blue undertone in the room and I that it¬†gives it a stately feel. I feel like I have a new piece of furniture for the cost of paint and a few hours work! Now time to update those chairs!


Another one of the things I was happy to finish last week was Project: Welcoming Foyer. Our walls are all a neutral gray and we have a two story entry with oak stairs. Our foyer was just screaming for a table. It is¬†narrow though so my normal Craigslist perusing wasn’t fitting the bill because the console tables I was finding were too deep and would block the walkway- which is kind of important! I had rustic style in mind and¬†I had the fantastic idea to reach out to a talented¬†friend of ours who happens to be a builder of all things barnwood and a handy man of all sorts. I was so thankful he was up to the task and he really caught my vision. If you are in Kentucky and are interested in utilizing his talents you can contact¬†him on Facebook here!


I have rearranged and changed the decor on top 100 times already and should have hid that plug better for the pic but I love how it turned out! I chose to leave the wood unfinished because there are some fun paint remnants and markings that add the character I was hoping for so I just sanded the rough spots and left it as is.

The picture frame was a $.50 yard sale find! It was bright gold. I painted it ASCP Duck Egg Blue and finished with clear and dark wax.

The table definitely added a warm welcoming touch to the entry but I really wanted to add a punch of something different to the door. So I used the same graphite I used on the buffet to paint the door and left it a matte finish.


As much as I really wanted to do an egg blue or something fun I’m happy with the graphite and my husband is too… I think. He may have mentioned that I needed to find other people to do projects for before I go overboard. He recognizes my boredom and need for creative outlet. ūüėČ



How I Found My Decorating Style

My momma has great taste in decorating. Our homes growing up always felt welcoming, cozy, and put together. The house my parents live in currently looks like it was decorated professionally in my opinion. Her decorating taste has evolved over the years but has always been bent toward traditional style and warm tones.

My husband and I had been married for several years when my parents came for a visit. My dad, while looking around our fairly new-to-us home, said “you have the same decorating taste as your mom!”. He was right that I had carried over a lot of the look from the home that I grew up in. That look was what felt like “home” to me. But the truth was that I was having trouble loving the spaces I was decorating. Partly because of my limited budget and partly because I didn’t really know what my style was.

Pre-Pinterest days, I really loved Cottage Living magazine. I was sad when it stopped being published so I started reading Country Living. I really enjoy that too. While I don’t think of my taste as cottage-y or country I am drawn to any picture that seems eclectic with mixes of different styles, time periods, or has some natural elements mixed in with modern style.¬†I kept an inspiration binder with clippings of pictures of spaces that I loved. I took note of what exactly I liked about the space and tried to work that into my home in some way. I am blessed to be able to stay home with my children but that also means that we don’t have oodles of expendable income to simply buy the look I love which led me to become a little more resourceful. I started finding furniture on Craigslist that I could paint or refinish.

After my first couple of pieces I was hooked. I started using my sewing machine more to make pillows and window treatments with fabric from the remnants table at the fabric store. I read a lot about color and retaught myself how the color wheel works which allowed me to be more creative and confident with my color choices. We started collecting cool items from our travels and around the world. A pair of frames that my brother in law brought back from West Africa are one of my favorite items in my home, because they are unique.

When I had our house staged for sale a month or so ago someone close to me took a look through the house and said “your style is very World Market”. I was pretty pleased with that description because I love that we’ve been able to incorporate so many looks and styles. We have¬†truly grown into “our style”. While we don’t place to much value on possessions of this world, it is nice to have a space that we enjoy spending time in. Having it organized and put together makes it easier to be hospitable and welcoming. I’ve shared these before on my Facebook page but here are some pictures showing how our living space evolved.

living room collageHoliday Ct

I am sure most of you have been on Pinterest pinning away awesome life hacks, pictures of beautiful spaces, and trendy outfits but have you visited Hometalk? It is the new Pinterest for all things strictly home related. It is an awesome resource for finding inspiration. Many people share about their updates and renos on a budget. This week I am featured in a Hometalk e-mail and curating a board on budget bathrooms and I would love for you to check it out here and follow me!