A Couple of Easy DIY Projects: Featuring a Dollar Tree Spring Centerpiece

Furniture and building projects have been put on hold as they usually are this time of year but I have had fun the last several weeks completing some small budget DIY projects.

I have been on the hunt for a couple of months for the perfect baskets to hang on the wall for hanging produce. Our counters seem to get cluttered and one way to limit that was to move produce that normally sits in baskets or bowls. My vision was for farmhouse style wire baskets but I wasn’t finding the perfect pair that wouldn’t scratch the wall or be too heavy to hang. Last week my sister and I came across a pair at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect! I bought two little chalkboards to label them for extra cute factor and submitted to my husband for approval and proper hanging. They fill this little space well and are so handy. And they are out of reach of little toddler hands so they don’t eat me out of house and home without permission. Now if you can help me think of a way to get the fish tank off of the kitchen counter, I’d be very grateful! 🙂


After taking down the Christmas decor I always have a moment of “ahhh, that’s better” that turns into, “now the house feels bare!”. I love the coziness and warm texture that winter decor brings but I also don’t love clutter or the look of over-decorating. However, once it is all put away I’m immediately ready for some new spring decor.

I came across this cute little spring decoration at Target last week. I really love Forsythia. It is an early bloomer and anticipator of spring (like me!) and always, to me, the first sign that spring has arrived. I was ready to have some of that in my house! I wasn’t, however, ready to hand over $20 for a pretty item that I knew I could make at home for a few dollars.

I picked up this smaller grapevine wreath and a forsythia stem at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

dollar tree grapevine wreath

I already had a hurricane vase and a candle for the center. If you don’t, Dollar Tree has a few styles of vases and candles that would also work. Or you could pick up a hurricane vase at a number of different stores for $5=$10. Total you could make a nearly identical centerpiece for $4!

I didn’t have to even get out my hot glue gun for this project because I was able to just weave the stems into the wreath and they are staying in place just fine!



I was so happy to have a bit of new color in the house! This could be easily changed for the seasons, add in a cotton stem in the fall or winter. Or you could hang it when you get tired of it sitting on a surface. Hang on a door, over a mirror or in a hallway. It really doesn’t look like a cheap decoration (even though it was!).

If you try either of these ideas, please share!





Evergreen for Ever So Easy Winter Decor

Over the summer I was asked if I’d be interested in adding some content from a DIY blogger’s perspective in the form of a column to BG Home & Lifestyle magazine. It has been a fun little project and I was really happy to share some childhood memories in December’s issue. You can check that out here.565deac009402.preview

When I started decorating the house for the holidays around Thanksgiving I realized we now live in a house with more space and I do not have many Christmas decorations! Of course we have a tree and a few things here and there but the visions in my head of it looking and feeling like Christmas in every nook and cranny of the house was not going to happen with what I had packed away in our Christmas tubs.

Has anyone visited the white and sparkly Christmas decor aisle at Hobby Lobby?! It is wonderful. I stood there staring at the pretty weathered wood and glistening reindeer and and nativities and completely neglected  tuned out my rowdy toddlers in the shopping cart. It was magnificent. Because I’m a stubburn DIY-er thoughtfully frugal person I went home totally inspired to actually make things out of the pallet collection in my garage and make said things wintery white and glistening with German glass glitter and twinkly lights. Nope…. didn’t happen. Who am I kidding? My Guy was away for a week on business two weeks ago and I am still recovering.

I DID however come upon some live evergreen and become totally re-inspired to decorate but in the easiest and most natural way. I have a little bit of snipped and layered evergreen here and there and the house feels so warm and cozy. My Guy brought me home some more clippings from the Christmas tree farm we took the kids to this weekend and helped me make this pretty little centerpiece.


I also filled an old whisky jug in the foyer with evergreen and fake berries and added some into my artificial garland. I hope you feel inspired to bring the outside in for your Christmas. Evergreen makes the prettiest tablescapes and brings amazing fragrance too.

Sharing some of our weekend fun at the Christmas tree farm…

We brought home a pretty Christmas Hemlock to plant in our yard. It is supposed to be 70 degrees on Christmas! Who’d have thought we’d be planting this week? Especially because it was actually snowing on the day we went to the farm -crazy Kentucky weather!


The kids loved visiting with the rabbits, goats, and chickens. I think all of us are convinced with need a farm -except My Guy. We’re working on him. 😉


Little Guy did not appreciate the cold and cried about it-a lot. I feel ya kid.


A happy Hemlock for future evergreen clippings. 🙂

Merry Christmas Week!



Antique Bed Makeover

This weekend we had beautiful weather. A bit less warm than a typical Kentucky summer day in June. I was thankful to have a couple of jobs lined up. One was a painted and glazed bathroom vanity that I will share in a future post and the second was this beautiful antique bed.

20150628_132430  20150628_132441

The breeze was so nice on the front porch! I was so thankful that the kids took a great nap too. I was able to get the bed finished within a day. I strayed from my favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this project and used Americana Decor’s Chalky Finish paint in Yesteryear which is a gray with a bit of blue and beige undertone.



I painted the accents and inlays white. I had a quart of Silver Feather by Valspar on hand so that is what used. The detail in the wood went a bit unnoticed with the dark stain finish. The wood work is quite stunning. I painted around the manufacturer’s mark.


It says Memphis Furniture Manufacturing Co. and “The pyramid line stands the test of time”. There wasn’t any other marking on the bed. I’m thinking it may have been built in the 1920’s or 30’s? If anyone has an idea, let me know!

This bed is truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It is hard to come by these today. I felt to honored to be able to give it new life.

The room it belongs in is pale yellow. The bedding is white, pale blue and yellow.





I think it turned out beautifully. I hope its owner does too!