A Couple of Easy DIY Projects: Featuring a Dollar Tree Spring Centerpiece

Furniture and building projects have been put on hold as they usually are this time of year but I have had fun the last several weeks completing some small budget DIY projects.

I have been on the hunt for a couple of months for the perfect baskets to hang on the wall for hanging produce. Our counters seem to get cluttered and one way to limit that was to move produce that normally sits in baskets or bowls. My vision was for farmhouse style wire baskets but I wasn’t finding the perfect pair that wouldn’t scratch the wall or be too heavy to hang. Last week my sister and I came across a pair at Hobby Lobby and they were perfect! I bought two little chalkboards to label them for extra cute factor and submitted to my husband for approval and proper hanging. They fill this little space well and are so handy. And they are out of reach of little toddler hands so they don’t eat me out of house and home without permission. Now if you can help me think of a way to get the fish tank off of the kitchen counter, I’d be very grateful! ūüôā


After taking down the Christmas decor I always have a moment of “ahhh, that’s better” that turns into, “now the house feels bare!”. I love the coziness and warm texture that¬†winter¬†decor brings but I also don’t love clutter or the look of over-decorating. However, once it is all put away I’m immediately ready for some new spring decor.

I came across this cute little spring decoration at Target last week. I really love Forsythia. It is an early bloomer and anticipator of spring (like me!) and always, to me, the first sign that spring has arrived. I was ready to have some of that in my house! I wasn’t, however, ready to hand over $20 for a pretty item that I knew I could make at home for a few dollars.

I picked up this smaller grapevine wreath and a forsythia stem at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.

dollar tree grapevine wreath

I already had a hurricane vase and a candle for the center. If you don’t, Dollar Tree has a few styles of vases and candles that would also work. Or you could pick up a hurricane vase at a number of different stores for $5=$10. Total you could make a nearly identical centerpiece for $4!

I didn’t have to even get out my hot glue gun for this project because I was able to just weave the stems into the wreath and they are staying in place just fine!



I was so happy to have a bit of new color in the house! This could be easily changed for the seasons, add in a cotton stem in the fall or winter. Or you could hang it when you get tired of it sitting on a surface. Hang on a door, over a mirror or in a hallway. It really doesn’t look like a cheap decoration (even though it was!).

If you try either of these ideas, please share!






DIY Gift: Collage Tray

It is Christmas week! Can you believe it?! Is your wrapping done?¬†Mine isn’t and probably won’t be until Christmas Eve. It’s fun to procrastinate. I work well under pressure. ūüėČ

Every year I try to do at least a few¬†homemade gifts. I think it is more meaningful and it typically helps our Christmas shopping budget. I was so excited with how this gift turned out that I had to share. It is a great gift for that person who doesn’t really need anything yet you want to give them something meaningful. It works for any holiday or occasion and it is inexpensive to boot!

I was at Hobby Lobby and came across some wood trays with handles. The trays in the link are part of a set. They do sell them individually in the store. I picked one up for $5.99 less 40% from my coupon (so only $3.60!). I had the idea that I may paint it (of course, right?!). When I got home a great gift idea hit me though for the grandparents in our family who can never seem to get enough pictures of their grandbabies! I decided to decoupage a collage of pictures to the inside of the tray.


Here is how I did it!

You will need:

First I stained the tray in dark walnut. My idea was that I would stain it and then paint it so that when I distressed the edges the dark wood would show through instead of the unfinished pine. Once I stained it though I really loved the wood grain and decided to leave it as is.

I selected some photos, both old and new, and had the ones I didn’t have on hand printed. I picked a few wallets just to add variety of size for visual interest.

Next, I arranged my photos. I had to trim a few edges and rearrange a few times. Once I had them how I wanted them I took a picture so that I’d remember the layout after I took them off again.

To adhere the pictures to the tray cover the bottom in a thin coat of Mod Podge (MP). You can see I did this really carefully (not!). ¬†I’m a pour and spread kind of gal. If you want to be neat and more careful about not glopping in the corners then you may want to pour some in a paper bowl or plate for easy dipping of your brush.


Lay out the pictures and MP in between any places that overlap. Don’t underestimate how fast the MP can dry. You can see I had some unwanted gaps because I waited too long to scoot them into perfect position. Oops!

While I let this dry I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out some text to add to the collage. I simply did the kids names and “Great Grandchildren”. You don’t have to add text at all or you could do other scrapbook embellishments or text from a magazine -whatever you want!

I decoupaged the text on next by adding a thin coat underneath, arranging the text and then I went over the entire collage with my first thin top coat. I like to get my strokes in the same direction and watch for any bubbles. I let it dry 15-20 minutes and did 2 more thin coats to really make sure the pictures weren’t going anywhere and to ensure the tray would actually be usable.

Don’t freak out. It dries clear!

I then painted the underside of the tray because I realized I forgot to stain it (oops!). Definitely do the bottom when you stain or paint the rest of the tray. It is worth it for more of a finished look. Once the MP dried I used paste wax to buff all over the stained wood. I did a couple of coats to give it a nice satin finish. I had the wax on hand and once you buff it is pretty dry, I didn’t want to wait another half a day for polycrylic or spray varnish to cure but whatever you have on hand is fine and a finish coat may not be totally necessary. Whatever you think…

That’s it! I took about half of a day to complete which included time in between taking care of my kids. I plan to do a few more for other family ¬†members and maybe another for a wedding.

A few other ideas using this tray could be to decoupage scrapbook paper to the tray and do a monogram or do a monogram all by itself. The possibilities are endless.

If you try this project please share pictures with me on Facebook or via email!IMG_3968

Thanks to my younger sister
Heather for helping me with the project,
taking pictures, and transporting my gift across the country to its recipient. Love you!

Merry Christmas!