Evergreen for Ever So Easy Winter Decor

Over the summer I was asked if I’d be interested in adding some content from a DIY blogger’s perspective in the form of a column to BG Home & Lifestyle magazine. It has been a fun little project and I was really happy to share some childhood memories in December’s issue. You can check that out here.565deac009402.preview

When I started decorating the house for the holidays around Thanksgiving I realized we now live in a house with more space and I do not have many Christmas decorations! Of course we have a tree and a few things here and there but the visions in my head of it looking and feeling like Christmas in every nook and cranny of the house was not going to happen with what I had packed away in our Christmas tubs.

Has anyone visited the white and sparkly Christmas decor aisle at Hobby Lobby?! It is wonderful. I stood there staring at the pretty weathered wood and glistening reindeer and and nativities and completely neglected  tuned out my rowdy toddlers in the shopping cart. It was magnificent. Because I’m a stubburn DIY-er thoughtfully frugal person I went home totally inspired to actually make things out of the pallet collection in my garage and make said things wintery white and glistening with German glass glitter and twinkly lights. Nope…. didn’t happen. Who am I kidding? My Guy was away for a week on business two weeks ago and I am still recovering.

I DID however come upon some live evergreen and become totally re-inspired to decorate but in the easiest and most natural way. I have a little bit of snipped and layered evergreen here and there and the house feels so warm and cozy. My Guy brought me home some more clippings from the Christmas tree farm we took the kids to this weekend and helped me make this pretty little centerpiece.


I also filled an old whisky jug in the foyer with evergreen and fake berries and added some into my artificial garland. I hope you feel inspired to bring the outside in for your Christmas. Evergreen makes the prettiest tablescapes and brings amazing fragrance too.

Sharing some of our weekend fun at the Christmas tree farm…

We brought home a pretty Christmas Hemlock to plant in our yard. It is supposed to be 70 degrees on Christmas! Who’d have thought we’d be planting this week? Especially because it was actually snowing on the day we went to the farm -crazy Kentucky weather!


The kids loved visiting with the rabbits, goats, and chickens. I think all of us are convinced with need a farm -except My Guy. We’re working on him. 😉


Little Guy did not appreciate the cold and cried about it-a lot. I feel ya kid.


A happy Hemlock for future evergreen clippings. 🙂

Merry Christmas Week!




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