How I Found My Decorating Style

My momma has great taste in decorating. Our homes growing up always felt welcoming, cozy, and put together. The house my parents live in currently looks like it was decorated professionally in my opinion. Her decorating taste has evolved over the years but has always been bent toward traditional style and warm tones.

My husband and I had been married for several years when my parents came for a visit. My dad, while looking around our fairly new-to-us home, said “you have the same decorating taste as your mom!”. He was right that I had carried over a lot of the look from the home that I grew up in. That look was what felt like “home” to me. But the truth was that I was having trouble loving the spaces I was decorating. Partly because of my limited budget and partly because I didn’t really know what my style was.

Pre-Pinterest days, I really loved Cottage Living magazine. I was sad when it stopped being published so I started reading Country Living. I really enjoy that too. While I don’t think of my taste as cottage-y or country I am drawn to any picture that seems eclectic with mixes of different styles, time periods, or has some natural elements mixed in with modern style. I kept an inspiration binder with clippings of pictures of spaces that I loved. I took note of what exactly I liked about the space and tried to work that into my home in some way. I am blessed to be able to stay home with my children but that also means that we don’t have oodles of expendable income to simply buy the look I love which led me to become a little more resourceful. I started finding furniture on Craigslist that I could paint or refinish.

After my first couple of pieces I was hooked. I started using my sewing machine more to make pillows and window treatments with fabric from the remnants table at the fabric store. I read a lot about color and retaught myself how the color wheel works which allowed me to be more creative and confident with my color choices. We started collecting cool items from our travels and around the world. A pair of frames that my brother in law brought back from West Africa are one of my favorite items in my home, because they are unique.

When I had our house staged for sale a month or so ago someone close to me took a look through the house and said “your style is very World Market”. I was pretty pleased with that description because I love that we’ve been able to incorporate so many looks and styles. We have truly grown into “our style”. While we don’t place to much value on possessions of this world, it is nice to have a space that we enjoy spending time in. Having it organized and put together makes it easier to be hospitable and welcoming. I’ve shared these before on my Facebook page but here are some pictures showing how our living space evolved.

living room collageHoliday Ct

I am sure most of you have been on Pinterest pinning away awesome life hacks, pictures of beautiful spaces, and trendy outfits but have you visited Hometalk? It is the new Pinterest for all things strictly home related. It is an awesome resource for finding inspiration. Many people share about their updates and renos on a budget. This week I am featured in a Hometalk e-mail and curating a board on budget bathrooms and I would love for you to check it out here and follow me!




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