A Jewelry Tree: An Inexpensive & Functional Storage Solution

Recently, we were spending time outside with the kids and My Guy got to trimming our Birch tree branches. I had been in the throws of organizing and staging for our house sale and a corner in our bedroom needed a little extra help. It was one of those corners where stuff collects… I’m sure you have one of those. It’s not pretty. Anyone else struggle with the jewelry organization dilemma? I own a table top jewelry box and a standing armoire but I still was lacking the storage I needed. My drawers ended up overfilled and my necklaces were too long for the designated hanging area. This resulted in piles of tangled necklaces and earrings that I ended up wearing nearly daily and a bunch stashed away that I had forgotten about. Cleaning out my jewelry boxes felt like Christmas! I needed a different solution. There are so many fun options for jewelry displays and storage but I couldn’t get My Guy myself to justify spending the money on purchasing what I thought I needed when I already had two jewelry boxes. Immediately upon seeing the trimmed branches on the ground I was inspired by the branches! I was going to make a jewelry tree.


I had a glass vase that I previously stored my makeup brushes in that I had just cleaned out. It would be perfect for holding my branches. The glass cylinder vase is actually glued to a candle stick holder to give it some interest and height. Both pieces are from the Dollar Tree! I used the magical E6000® Craft Adhesive 3.7 oz glue to attach them together then I filled it with rocks in the bottom to add more height to my brushes and now to stabilize my branches. You can use any container though! A tall glass, vase, or mason jar would look great. Just make sure it is weighed down!


I considered spray painting my branches white or a fun color but ended up really loving the natural element it added to the room which is filled with different neutrals. The color of the birch is such a dark brown and the branches and twigs are smooth and very sturdy. I love how it turned out. I’ve added another taller branch in the middle since the pictures were taken and I love how filled out it looks.


The picture frame is a banged up wood frame that I found at an antique store. It has chicken wire stapled to it for earring storage. In our next home I may try to make a bigger one with hooks up the side of the frame for bangles and bracelets. Maybe a barnwood frame?! We’ll see.


I found the mirrored tray at Goodwill. It was a bit rusty and VERY grimy. A steel brush, a good cleaning, and some spray paint made it the perfect spot for all my girly necessities. It gives the clutter purpose. No? Well, it works for me. Ha!


I now can find and wear all of my jewelry and I love that I can decorate the room in a functional way. If you make a jewelry tree or just feel inspired to display your jewelry, share the pictures with me!



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